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A Cool Memorable Domain Name For Sale

What do these Internet successful companies: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Wanadoo, Fool, Microsoft and Toyota have in common? They all have two 'o's in their names. Those companies that don't have 2 O's have at least one. They include: Youtube, Hotmail, Amazon, Honda, Coach and Nintendo.

Double 'o' helps marketability, creating: ease of spelling and typing input, a more friendly company name, better brand recognition and balance. Little wonder O's are taking over the world! When you are lOOking for a marketable name always consider the double 'o' in the name!

The name Coocab has double 'o' together like these 3 extremely successful company names: Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

Coocab is unique, catchy, memorable and brandable. The name is also cool and friendly.

Be Smart! Buy the Domain Name, before it is too late.

Description of the Domain Name: Coocab
An attention-grabbing name, a solid combination of the words "cool" with no "l" and "cab".

Possible uses
Ideal for online taxicab service, taxicab directory, fashion, merchandise, design, mobile app, devices and communication systems, a dynamic startup, a marketing company, a financial advisory company and more.

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